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Also commonly called snow tyres, winter wheels are a car owner’s preferred choice for those icy and snowy winter months in the United Kingdom. These tyres are ideal once the temperatures go north of 7 degrees Celsius. If you are planning to buy winter tyres in Wednesbury, you can now avail of the broadest range of these wheels at our facility- Martini Tyre Services.

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What makes these tyres unique is their nature. These wheels can easily navigate on snowed-out and tricky roads where traction plunges to new depths with each passing day. Almost all major manufacturers make winter tyres, and our professionals can help you choose a new set with precision.

How are winter tyres different?

These wheels vary from other variants on the following grounds.

  • Softer rubber composition: One of the hallmarks of a snow tyre is a soft rubber compound used in their construction. Soft rubber can efficiently deal with icy roads and on surfaces where traction is at a premium. Our range of the best winter tyres has a soft rubber composition.
  • Higher void ratio: The space between the tread blocks spells a tyre's void ratio. Such wheels have an open and deeper tread pattern which helps in cornering with efficiency.
  • Narrower aspect ratio: Most winter car tyres in Wednesbury have a small aspect ratio. In turn, it helps in reducing the ‘ploughing effect’ that fresh snowfall elicits in tyres. However, a narrower aspect ratio takes a toll on these wheels’ acceleration capabilities, and winter models are not as speed-friendly as their summer counterparts.
  • Better siping: Most winter wheels have additional siping on their rubber surfaces. Sipes are narrow slits in the rubber that help bite on the snow better.

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