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wheel balance

Martini Tyre Services performs all types of tyre-related services professionally. Wheel balancing in Wednesbury is the principal among them.

Wheel imbalance is the uneven distribution of mass within the body of a tyre. Ideally, a tyre should have uniform weight distribution across its carcass. Regular impact of the road leads to the concentration of mass at specific spots. It is one of the major issues plaguing a vast majority of vehicles plying on the British streets.

As a professional car repair garage, we understand how detrimental it is to the overall performance of your car. As a result, we offer wheel balancing as one of our primary services.

Signs of imbalanced wheels

Wheel imbalance can be diagnosed by the following signs.

  • You’ll notice your tyre protruded at specific spots. These are the areas where the mass is concentrated.
  • You’ll also notice patches of tread wear around these bulges as the contact patch is uneven.
  • The fuel consumption of your car will shoot up drastically.
  • You’ll also feel vibrations through the steering column or floorboard, slow at first but steadily increasing as you speed up.

On noticing any of these signs, bring your car to our garage immediately. Otherwise, you are inadvertently harming your vehicle and also increasing its operating cost.

Our wheel balancing service

At Martini Tyre Services, we perform a comprehensive wheel balancing service using the latest equipment available. Our expert technicians are well-trained professional with years of experience to back them up. Avail our wheel balancing in Wednesbury and witness the difference for yourself.

Note that there may be times when wheel balancing may prove to be inadequate, especially if your tyres are old. In that case, you have to purchase a new set of tyres in Wednesbury, also available at Martini Tyre Services.

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