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What are brand names for customers? They mean validation. A product from a trusted brand assures quality and makes our investment look worthwhile. It is like a fair and sure bet. It is due to this reason that customers look for brands that they can rely upon. Martini Tyres offers tyres from one such brand. Our team of experts has put its trust in the tyres that Nexen produces. Nexen Tyres Wednesbury go through a series of rigorous checks to determine whether they are performing in accordance with their design and capacity. It is due to this quality control that our business with Nexen is fruitful and dynamic.


Nexen has a history that spans over 77 years. It was after the second world-war ended that the company first came into being with the name “Heung-a Tyre CO., LTD.”. The time between 1942 and 1979 is called the ‘first term’ of Nexen. Its characteristic features were marked by struggle and laying of a strong and firm foundation. The second term from 1984 to 2000 marked the start of mass production of radial tyres. New technologies came in, and technical cooperation was facilitated. This term marked a tremendous increase in exports. The characteristic feature was Nexen turning out to be a global player.

It is the third term that is mainly responsible for the global network of 120 countries that Nexen commands. The third term of its history started in 2000. It is marked by the construction of a comprehensive management culture that facilities the smooth functioning of the global network. After the year 2000, Nexen has received multiple prestigious awards, constructed various plants, held groundbreaking ceremonies, and increased the exports even more. In the past two decades, the company has made major breakthroughs in research and development. It is due to this reason that the products Nexen offers are high on quality and justified on budget.

Quality control

Nexen Tyres Wednesbudy go through a series of checks and tests before coming to our workshop. There are type-specific tests for particular categories of tyres. For example, while the summer tyres go through the dry and wet handling test, the winter tyres are examined with the help of ice and snow handling test. Some examinations are meant for all tyres; like the NVH test that measures the noise that a tyre emits on different surfaces is mandatory. Also, the ride test which determines the quality of the ride in terms of comfort.

Martini Tyres offers its customers with the best products. This is the reason why we only deal in premium brands. Nexen Tyres Wednesbury come in a wide range. Selecting the best tyre for your vehicle can be a problem, considering the tyre specifications one has to decide upon are complex and vast. Our team of experts is at your disposal in case you need substantial advice. We aim to provide you with the best products and facilitate rational decision making. The “service of customers” is a value Martini tyres functions upon. You are welcome to witness our courtesy at our workshop.



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