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One of the fastest-expanding segments in the tyre industry in the United Kingdom and across Europe is performance tyres. Most manufacturers have a wide array of performance tyres that are used on most high-performance and sports cars. At Martini Tyre Services, we have a large variety of performance wheels on offer. You can buy the latest and best-selling performance tyres in Wednesbury from our facility.

Our professional team has determined the following three models of UHP tyres in Wednesbury as being the best in the business. While Michelin, Continental and Dunlop have dominated this segment for decades now, newer players are gradually making a mark.

The finest performance tyres in Wednesbury

Based on the experience of our team, feedback from clients and sales figures, these are the best wheels in this segment.

Goodyear Eagle F1 Directional 5: Goodyear has penetrated an erstwhile hegemony of European manufacturers successfully. Most of the credit goes to their Eagle range of tyres. The F1 is a superior performance tyre ideal for high-speeds on suitable surfaces, better stopping prowess and faster acceleration capability. Their directional nature is another addition which has really harnessed their full potential.

Michelin Latitude Sport 3: The French giant Michelin has a potential claimant to the best performance tyres with their Latitude Sport 3 range. These tyres promise the quiet comfort of a premium sedan with the performance of an SUV tyre. Besides, Michelin has demonstrated that this model has low sound output levels, making them eco-friendly too.

Dunlop Signature HP: Arguably the newest UHP tyres in Wednesbury, the Signature HP range is capable of providing faster speeds, greater traction, and quality aquaplaning. Dunlop’s tagline of “Arrive in Style” is reflected perfectly in this model.

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You can now buy these tyres online too via our website. To inspect them in person, you can drive over to our facility on every working day. Book an appointment with our client service manager at 0121 526 6594 in advance to skip the queue. Martini Tyre Services can help you in every way, from great advice to budget prices.

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